40th Australian Junior National Championships Werribee Superbowl, Werribee - April 3rd  to April 17th, 2010

Congratulations to the Victorian President's Shield Team
for their effort in winning the 2010 Combined President's Junior Interstate Shield

and also the Boys Trophy, and to the Western Australia Girls Team for the Girls Trophy

The past records for the President's Junior Interstate Shield are available on the records section of this website

If any ex-President's Shield bowlers, or team officials, have any results which might help us to finalise the records from 1976 to 1986 we would be very appreciative of a copy of these scores or team lists. They can be sent to the TBA Office in Brisbane.

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2010 President's Junior Interstate Shield Scores and Winning Photos

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Craig Murray  SA 300 Game Saturday 10th April 2010

Tenpin Bowling Australia Limited are pleased to announce that the company Classic Action Sports Photography have agreed to be the official photographer at the TBA Junior National Championships. They will be present at all presentations, allocated photo times for teams and all Presentation Dinners. Samples of the packages available will be on display at the event and package prices will be very reasonable. All photographs will be available for purchase via Classic Action's web site. All photos will be available for electronic viewing at the event and via their web site.
Anyone who would like to set up an appointment can contact:
Bob Givens Phone: 02 6254 5497 Mob: 0417 388 151
bob@classicaction.com.au Web: www.classicaction.com.au

The first Junior Championship was held at St Leonards  in Sydney NSW in  1971
The first President's Junior Interstate Shield was held in 1974  at Cross Road Bowl in Adelaide SA