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2014 Current Open Ranking Points after this event

134 entries into the 2014 KEGEL Qld Open and $28,000.00 in prize money, what a Tournament this is! Qualifying started @ 1.00pm Friday and finished midnight Saturday, the top 32 bowlers arrived at check-in at 8.30am Sunday and bowled a further 6 games each with pinfall carrying over to then cut to the top 24 to bowl a further 4 games, then a further cut to the top 15 to bowl a 7 game match-play final. A huge crowd attended the event from the start and they witnessed the final result decided in the 10th frame of the last game between Brendan Meads and George Frilingos with Brendan striking out to clinch his 2nd Qld open win in 3 years. Brendan Meads is a local bowler and is sponsored by Animals Pro Shop (Hammer). . Article courtesy of Brian Bates


National Ranked Event
Accreditation No. A14/0008