7th National Youth Teams Challenge and the  2009 National Youth Cup
Werribee Superbowl - 13 Riverside Avenue, Werribee Victoria 3030  January 10th to 15th, 2009

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Youth Teams Challenge -January 12th-15th  2009
2010 National Youth Teams Challenge Venue is Werribee Superbowl
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 Previous Winners
New South Wales - Combined Points Winner
Victoria - Female Points Winner New South Wales - Male Points Winner
Male All Stars
Marc Triulico (NSW) Stephen Cowland (TAS)
Chris Harvey (NSW)  Mitch Marris (WA)
Female All Stars
Rebecca Whiting (VIC) Lexi Nicoll (NSW)
 Bianca Flanagan (QLD) Jess Ryan (VIC)
Sportsperson Awards
Phil Drummond (NT)    Bianca Flanagan (QLD)
Year by Year Bowler History - Male & Female
TBA Tournament Accreditation No. : A09/007
National Youth Cup - January 10th-11th 2009
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300 Game during qualifying
Jacinta Gilliland (QLD)
Jacinta's first 300 game
TBA Tournament Accreditation No. : A09/006
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